Disc Skimming

Brake disc skimming in Dorking

Brake Disc Skimming - the Pro-Cut Process

At Carters Car Care, we also carry out brake disc skimming on vehicles, using a Pro-Cut lathe.

Did you know that brake pedal pulsation can result from uneven wear of brake discs?
This is caused by very slight mis-alignment of the discs and/or the vehicle hubs, known technically as “run-out”. The Pro-Cut lathe overcomes this problem by machining the disc directly on the vehicle. 

The Pro-Cut process works on all types of metal discs: solid, vented, drilled, grooved, front and rear, on all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. For information about this or any of our other services including repairs, tyres or MOTs. Call us today.

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For help and advice on brake disc skimming, call Carters Car Care in Dorking.

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